My name is Michael Biere. I retired from the Army after 32 years of service in 2022. I'm a life long Doberman lover, owner, and breeder. My Grandfather Albert O. Biere bred and showed Dobermans in the 1930-40's in New York City. He won the puppy class at the Westminster Kennel Club in the late 1930's. Old School!! He passed his love for the breed down to my father and I. Through the years I have had many Dobermans as a part of my family. I'm not a big time breeder or producer. I love the breed and occasionally have a litter. I wish I had more time to devote to showing and training, IPO more so. It is my goal to produce healthy, strong, well structured Dobermans from what I believe are the best bloodlines from Europe. I do my best to avoid the common genetic issues that plague the breed when making my selections from Europe. It is unfortunate what has happened to American Doberman lines. It is difficult to find a Dobie here in the U.S. that has the confidence to work. it is rare to see Dobermans in the U.S. taking part in Schutzhund or working in police K9. This is very unfortunate and it is my goal to help change the negative attitude in the K9 community. Unlike the USA, European Dobermans (FCI) must be titled in work before being able to show for confirmation. So a show line pedigree is not the same as in the USA and AKC.

    In the past I wanted to travel to Europe and bring back a European Doberman. In 2007 I had that opportunity. I spent two years in Bosnia and researched the bloodlines throughout Europe. When I had the  chance I selected a beautiful female from Altobello kennel in Serbia, home of the World Champ 2012. In 2010 I had the great fortune to be reassigned to Germany and spent the next 3 years traveling extensively. In 2012 I added a new member to my family with another female from Serbia after I lost my beloved Emir from Slovakia. This time I selected a very sturdy and muscular female pup from Betelges kennel in Serbia (Tammara). Since then and present 2023 I have imported 5 others from Russia, Ukraine, Greece and Serbia.

    The Europeans and their kennel club "FCI" take great pride and are very strict in their breeding standards. A working dog in Europe must hold a title in its working ability before it can breed (Schutzhund, or IPO) or show for confirmation. This produces a confident, trainable, not nervous/ skittish Doberman with great character. Now that I'm back in Virginia I have seen many Dobermans. Its difficult to look at them. These poor dogs are skinny nervous examples of a breed gone unchecked. What in the world has happened to the heads on these American Dobies?? Anyway I could rant forever on this subject. In my kennel I strive to breed healthy, beautiful, trainable, family  "Dobermanns" by the FCI standard. Yes there is an extra "N". This is how you actually spell the name. If you have any questions please call or email.

Thank you,